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Chris Quiazon

Realty Executives of Southern Nevada

Oct. 29, 2018

5912 Tiperrary Street

5912 Tipperrary Street for Sale


4 Bedrooms

3 Bathrooms

3 Car Garage

3,453 Sq Ft Living

6.970 Sq Ft Lot


Two Separate Living Spaces

Laminate Flooring

Saltillo Style Flooring

In Ground Spa


Backyard Patio

Bedroom Downstairs

Granite Counter Tops Overlooking the Great Room


This is a very beautiful home in the growing city of Las Vegas.  A must see, don't miss out on this one.  


Contact me today to schedule showings and price information.


You Can view the full listing on ZILLOW or Click Here.





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Oct. 17, 2018

Price Reduction : $318,000

Contact Chris Quiazon for more information 702-235-7413 : For more information on properties for sale in Las Vegas - South West
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Aug. 7, 2018

Las Vegas' housing market is showing signs of easing

During my attendance of the Relentless Event, hosted by Danny Morel.  We had the honor of having Alex Rodriguez "Arod" as a guest speaker.  Arod is a baseball legend, and what qualifies him to speak at a real estate event is the fact that he owns over 7,000 units of real estate.

When Arod had the stage, he mentioned that with age, comes experience.  The markets become a lot more predictable when you've experienced different crashes, setbacks, and highs.  Arod is currently liquidating a portion of his portfolio because he sees another disruption in the real estate market.  

The Las Vegas Review Journal sums it up in this article...  READ MORE

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Aug. 3, 2018

Just Sold : Harmony Avenue


5220 Harmony Drive

Selling Harmony Drive was an experience.  This property was an EXPIRED LISTING!!!  The property expired from the listing twice.  The first listing was priced at $165,000 and it was in the market for 148 days before it expired.  The second listing was priced at $177,000 and was in the market for 198 days before expiring.  Then I took the listing from three other agents, and sold it for $205,000.

The journey began when I was doing my daily prospecting.  Looking for clients who were selling their homes but ended up not selling and making it on the expired list.

Just a quick summary on what the "Expired" are.  Expired homes are homes that did not sell during the duration of the listing contract which is usually 6 months minimum listing.  There are many reasons why homes fail to sell.  It could be the agent or it could be the seller itself.  It usually never is the market because a strong agent such as myself can sell anything in any market.

Main reasons why homes fail to sell include:

Over Pricing

Unmotivated Sellers

Property Conditions

If a property is priced well, seller has real motivation to sell, and the condition of the property is fair, a house will always sell.  A house will find a buyer for itself with minimal marketing.


In regards to the property in Harmony, the previous two prices were well below market value.  Why did it not sell the first time around?  Property condition, the agent, and the seller.


So how was I able to sell it at above market value?  Well I knew the sellers motivation and I connected very well with the sellers.  "who you work with matters"  Next was the condition.  The property was not in good shape.  What was challenging was the fact that my Sellers lived in California and they only came out once when they interviewed me. Aside from that, I took care of everything.  I called every contractor I could find to help make this home the beauty it is now while having a small budget.

We fixed every known issue, we staged the home, we took beautiful photos.  I started the marketing two weeks before it even went live on the market.  I was already building up the home.

As soon as the listing went live, I've had over 30 showings in the weekends, 15 offers, 3 excellent offers, and 1 that ruled them all.  It took three days in the market and the fourth day we were under contract.

A home that is priced well, marketed well, will sell in any kind of market.  You need an agent who will go above and beyond.  The average agent in the United States only sells four homes a year.  I'm sure you'll understand when I say, "Who you work with matters"


If you or someone you know is having challenges with the market, contact us today, with no obligations.  We would love to help in anyway possible.




Aug. 3, 2018

#JUST SOLD : Weeping Water

9335 Weeping Water

The journey of purchasing your first home is such an exciting experience with a little bit of uncertainty.  As a buyer, you start to think if you are doing the right thing both personally and financially.  You start to think of all the ways the deal will not go through or the fact that you might never find what you're looking for.  Also, consider the fact that the market is low in inventory and multiple offers are happening left and right.

By the way, Congratulations to my clients, Isaiah and Felicia on the purchase of their first home.  It took us quiet awhile to find the home they were looking for.  The story began last year when Isaiah and I had a quick conversation about them purchasing and they wanted me to represent them.  A few months later, which was January, they were almost ready... meaning they are ready but their lease isn't up until August.

So, as first time home buyers, we started the "Pre-Qualification" with my lender whom I dearly trust and closed many transactions with.  Long story short, this was the last transaction I will have with this lender whom I trusted.  

So we started the pre-qualification process, both Isaiah and Felicia qualified with flying colors.  Our buying power was high but even though it was high, we only wanted to be in a specific price range.  This price range was a challenge in the market, $250,000-$290,000.  At $280,000, bidding wars were all over.  Consider the fact that we wanted to be in South West.

We started viewing properties just to see how the market is.  Every Saturday from January until June we viewed properties even though we couldn't make any move due to the lease.  This was painful for both my clients and I because we started seeing homes that we love and we couldn't put in an offer. We could have put offers in and negotiated the closing date, closing terms etc. to benefit my clients but how the market is and what we were going to ask for just didn't make sense and wouldn't make sense in the seller's eyes.  Negotiating in this market was challenging specially for what we wanted.

Then we got lucky!  Their landlord decided to sell the house they are leasing and set them free pretty much.  The landlord told them that they are free from any attachment from the contract as log as they easily cooperate with the sale process.  That was it!  The fire was lit again and we were so motivated to find THE HOUSE.

After many showings, multiple offers, and failed offers, I figured out how to beat the competition.  I figured out how to make my offer stand out in a bidding war market.  Take a big RISK!

We viewed the property on Weeping Water.  My clients loved the home and it met almost everything in their check list.  And now time to write the offer...  I took the risk, I put my money where my mouth is.  Unfortunately I cannot share exactly what needed to happen but we submitted the offer, Opened Escrow, Property Appraised, Closed the property.

Oh yeah, I was able to negotiate a fridge, washer and dryer, and a tv, last minute.


Buying your first home could be tough, specially in this current market.  People need strong agents to lead them to the finish line.  Who you work with Matters!

The National Associations of Realtors conducted a study that the average agent only sells four homes......  Who you work with matters.  While the average closes four, I've closed eighteen transaction from January to now, July.

Hire a Realtor who will work for you and will commit fully even if you are not ready yet.  Find someone who will put your goals first before anything else.  There are 19,000 real estate agents in town... and who you work with matters!




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May 29, 2018

#justlisted Wild Horse Canyon

#Justlisted 9972 Wildhorse Canyon

Attention-to-Details, best describes this home. 



With the rising home prices, this home is below market value!  Built in 2016 in a premium lot.  

The property features: 3 bedrooms and 3 full bathrooms.

It is located in the prime estates of Skycanyon in Centennial Hills.

This property is immaculate and a must see.

Some of the builder upgrades include:

Level 4 granite counter tops

Soft close drawers

Upgraded Cabinets

Built in trash cans

Double ovens

Sattle Brook Doors

Walk in shower with stone flooring and rain showers.

Epoxy garage flooring

Special blinds

Surround sound

Now $425,000


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April 30, 2018

Expired Listing Success

The Number 1 Fear when listing your home with a Realtor

If you're like most Sellers, you don't want to be trapped in another contract that will tie you up 6-12 months.  You worry about being locked into a lengthy multi-month contract with an incompetent agent who might cost you more time and money than sell your home.

I'm here to let you know, you can relax!  With my Easy Exit Listing, you don't have to fear signing a listing agreement and getting tied up on a lengthy multi-month contract.

Unlike many other Realtors in Las Vegas, my exclusive Easy Exit Listing Guarantees that at anytime during the sale of your home, if you feel unhappy with our service, you can fire us the next day.  Until then it's a day to day listing.

I've helped a lot of sellers who didn't sell their homes the first time around.  Most of the time is because they listed with an agent who was passive,  who did not do much to market their home, who had no knowledge with marketing to the different demographics, leveraging technology and social media platforms, and really just took the listing and let it fail.

My team and I are very confident in the service and marketing strategy we provide our clients.  We have a lot of confidence in our ability to sell and market your property. If not you can fire us! Working with us, you will never be locked in a contract, you can think of it as a day-to-day agreement.

To discuss your property and marketing plan that will get your home sold, please give me a call.

What we do vs your average agent

  • Easy Exit Listing
    • If you feel I am not doing a great job in Marketing and Selling your home, you can call me and fire me the next day.  Until then, it's a day to day listing.  It's that simple!
  • 101 Point Marketing Plan of Action
    • You need a Marketer, not an Agent.  I have 101 ways to market your property.  But there are only 3 that truly counts.
      • Social Media Marketing
      • Zillow, Trulia,
      • Videos and Personal Website
      • Email blast to Database of Past Clients, Realtors, Ventords, Etc.

  • Social Media Marketing
    • 98% of people, spend majority of their time in Social Media Platforms.  My team and I know how to run the right ads, targeting the right demographics and audience who are interested in the features and benefits of your home.

Professional Photography



I guarantee you my Easy Exit Listing Agreement.  Let us market your home to reach more potential buyers who are interested in the features and benefits of your home.  We use both "New School" and "Old School" way of selling homes.  I am very confident that in 30 days time, we can get you results, and if you're not happy, we can cancel the listing.

Contact us today!

~ Chris Quiazon


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April 30, 2018

April 2018 Housing Upate

April 2018 Housing Market Update


Median Sales Price : Entire MLS   $260,000 l  +13.0%



March Homes For Sale : Entire MLS 5,951 l -31.1%


As of March 2018, Single Family Residential closed sales are up by 48% from February but down 1.6% from March of 2017.

For now, 2018 sales are on the same pace as they were in 2017 at this time.  This market currently only has 1.3 months of available SFR inventory and 1.1 months of Condo and Townhome inventory.  The demand for homes are at pressure.  Supply is still very low and buyers are buying.

If you have any questions in regards to your property value, please feel free to contact us today.  

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July 31, 2017

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