Finding a dedicated realtor that can best suit your home buying or home selling needs can be a bit of a challenge. Buying or selling your home alone is tedious. So, knowing how to spot the right realtor for your needs can tremendously help you make it (if not easy) - bearable.

Hiring a full-time realtor will help you get the most out of the transaction and most especially, get the value of your money.

1. Their PRIORITY.

Working with a full-time realtor makes you his/her top priority as they are after your satisfaction. They are more dedicated and focused on providing great quality service to their clients. Hence, working with a full-time realtor guarantees their best interest throughout the transaction and the least they would want to happen is to have a negative impact on their clients.

2. EXPERIENCE. Anyone can be a licensed realtor, however, not everyone has the passion.

There is a perceptive difference of working with a realtor who has worked full-time for years from a realtor who just does deals with close friends and relatives. The skills you acquire and connections you make are just part of making the most out of the license you have.


Full-time realtors have invested time and effort acquiring their connections that can really be beneficial to you - from title officers to painters. If you were to ask us if you need these professionals? Oh yes, you certainly do! Especially, if you are the type of person who wants to get things done efficiently.


Full-time realtors have their list of client feedback - that’s for sure! This is also one of the ways you can determine your agent’s reliability. Part-timer realtors are likely to not have a strong track record as the seasoned or full-timers as they do not have the experience to grow into this path due to lack of time to focus. So, better check your agent’s reviews before hiring one. You wouldn’t want to waste a dime right?

Whether you opt for a part-timer or full-timer realtor, it will all depend on what you prefer and what they can deliver. It’s just a matter of seeing who’s genuine enough to help you achieve your home buying/selling goals.

If you are thinking of buying a house in Las Vegas or thinking of selling your house in Las Vegas, our team is here to help assist you in the process.